How can ACA traditions help

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How can ACA traditions help

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I find ACA traditions helpful, when I face new situations.
In addition to the written traditions, I guess that local traditions have developed in many countries.

In Finland we have long time had mattrass-meetings, where everyone has a mattrass to lay on. If both people feel like it, they can learn and experience human touch, laying side by side. Otherwise the meeting is normal with prewords from the ACA-booklet or big book, and time divided equally with a timer.

Another long time tradition is in the yearly business meeting of Finlands ACA groups. To maintain our peaceful community we never vote in these meetings. If people strongly disagree, we take a round, where everyone has one minute to speak. If no compromise is found, we take a break, and continue. If there is still no compromise, we are not ready to make a desicion, and we will continue with this matter next year. This teaches us a lot about patience, listening, and seeking unity.
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