Non-stop ACA meeting

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Non-stop ACA meeting

ViestiKirjoittaja vesiheina » 03 Marras 2014, 11:44

This a non-stop ACA meeting!
No comments, no critics, no cross talking.
Share your story, make your burden lighter. You can rely on that, that someone will read it, understand it, and send you positive, understanding thoughts. Someone of us will know, how it was, understand how you feel today, and what potential you have to develop and heal. But we will not comment. We take your story as it is. Your truth.
Your story may evoke thoughts in us, and we will write them here as well. Do not feel offended. Let the stories be as they are.
We are all in the hands of our own higher power. There is no need to judge others, or start reacting.
Let our love, respect and mutual understanding grow and nurture us.
Welcome ot ACA!
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Re: Non-stop ACA meeting

ViestiKirjoittaja elisha777 » 20 Maalis 2017, 20:29

Thank you!
Kadri liisa and recovering acoa here. Just came from local Al Anon mtg and now in work and thinking of finding balance between what i do for others and for myself. As my local acoa group is small then most translation transcription i do during night shift that is translated in mtgs. And later it is proofreaded. Today i focus on myself first and do what i can without forgetting myself. Thx for reading.
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